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friendly chats about art, life, and food
with artists from around the world.

Art Mentor
Don Victor

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Why did I start this Podcast
Hi! I’m Don Victor, and my  passion is to bring creative people together to explore and expand in art and life. My motto, “As in art, so in life” sums up my philosophy.

As an orphan, I bounced from foster home to foster home. Feeling misunderstood, lonely, and lost my only rock wherever I moved was art. As a teenager, longing for meaning and connection, I had vivid dreams of family and friends around a long table discussing art and life over great food.

For me, art was not a career or a hobby, art was salvation. Ultimately, this special connection with art and insights into people, led me to win over 100 art contests. I established the Academy of Composition, created video courses, lecture, and author books. But I knew there was more that I needed to do.

In 2017 while in Portugal, I realized that in order to share the wisdom and knowledge I have gained through art and life in a greater way, I would have to broadcast my “long table” dream. That is why I started a podcast. This is my opportunity to discuss art, life, and sometimes food, with artist friends from around the world.

Drawn to Win with Don Victor Podcast
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Losing Sucks! Even in Art.
As artists, we enter competitions to win awards. We get into the marketplace to win sales and commissions. We strive to be the best artist we can be, to win in life. Are you struggling or winning?

I am Don Victor, artist, art mentor, and founder of the Academy of Composition, and I've won over 100 Art contests. I know what it takes to win, and you can too. Get set on the path to success, with the right tools and proper understanding of what captivates the viewer of your art. Let me share the 7 keys you need to win your next art contest in Drawn to Win.
Inspired by Norman Rockwell's magic formula for success.
This video course teaches you the secrets that brought master illustrators, like Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth along with master artists like Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Degas their artistic fulfillment, fortune and fame.  In these 15 lessons you're shown what to do so you can see the genius behind what makes a master's art, work. Once you learn to see and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed here, you will have access to the master's secret skill for artistic success.